First Prize $200 Second Prize $100 Third Prize $50
All paper works will receive a free frame
This year’s prompt DARKNESS (BANGALAA).
This year we are going MONOCHROME.

So what is monochome? Think of a colour, now think of that colour at it’s darkest, and at it’s lightest, and all of the values (darkness and lightness) in between.
This is what monochrome looks like if you are using black as your colour, 9 squares showing colours from white on the left, getting gradually darker, until they become black on the rightYou don’t need to use black if red or purple, or any other colour, is your thing.
Here’s links to some videos that show monochrome paintings being made.
And here’s a couple of flowers that are examples of monochrome images

a painted flower only using blue and shades of the same blue

We encourage anyone of any experience level to give it a go.
You don’t even need to use paints if you don’t have them, think about using coffee or tea, or any other single colour.
You don’t need to use stars or space as your subject, the prompt of “darkness/bangalaa” can be explored with any subject, or none at all in the case of an abstract piece.
SPACE will be framing every paper-based piece before it goes on the wall and you get to KEEP that frame.
STAR ART 2023 will be judged without any names or information attached, and will have an in-gallery, and online voting component.

The Rules

Here’s what you need to know

  • $2 per entry – up to 5 entries
  • Images are to be A3 size or smaller
  • Images must be a single colour, and values (dark/light) of that colour and the background colour of the paper/canvas it is painted on. No other colours permitted
  • This year no digital or AI art is permitted
  • All paper-based entries will receive a FREE frame
  • Canvases will be hung unframed
  • Images will be returned at the end of the competition
  • Judging will be done without the judges or voters having access to the details of the artist
  • The judges’ decision is final
  • First prize is $200 – Second Prize $100 – Third Prize $50
  • All entrants receive a certificate

Entry Form

Fill in your entry form online HERE

or download and print your entry form HERE

If you have any questions you can email wow [at]
or drop into SPACE between 10 and 2pm.

Good luck!