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Heaven – Jasper’s Brush
by Vicki Luke
in response to
30 Minutes of Heaven
by Anna Glynn

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My name is Vicki Luke. 

The work “Heaven – Jasper’s Brush’ is a series of mirror backed small jewel boxes with imagery that responds to the words and soundscape from Stage 1 Inhalare artist Anna Glynn’s world.

I listened to an extraordinary 30 minute soundscape of Jasper’s Brush and marvelled at the variety and beauty of the sound.

Anna summed up her experience in words that resonate about that place.

I listened to the soundscape whilst I researched and painted my works.

To me it sounds heavenly and I wanted to reflect and refract that dynamism.

The images in ‘Heaven – Jasper’s Brush’ are quite complicated as they operate on a number of levels.

The surface imagery of birds, plants and text, the repeated reflected imagery and the reflection of the work in its environment.

I wanted the viewer to be intrigued by the ever changing composition of text, image and reflection.

I have made many painted glass works which are about reflection and shadow.

They are made using gouache on glass. This delicate surface is intentional.

Many of the works are about the fragility of the environment so the technique reflects the underlying concerns within the work.

The surface of the jewel boxes is hard and cold, juxtaposed by a tracery of plant and bird forms and the text.

The colour palette is deliberately understated; white tracery, black text as I felt the nature of the reflected imagery was complex enough without the added stimulus of colour.

These four jewel boxes read as precious objects that captures a window in time.

I hope it enhances the exquisite soundscape and text of Anna Glynn’s work.


inhalare part 1 – text

Anna Glynn, Jaspers Brush

30 Minutes of Heaven

crisp cool calling

calm damp forest

echoing reverberating

feathers unfurling 

plumage unfolding

leaves shaking

trees trembling

beaks open

bills raised

throats extended

breath directed

heads elevated

songbird symphony

mimicry masters 

warbling trilling

tails extending

echoing reverberating

feathers unfurling 

plumage unfolding

trilling warbling

dawn chirping

cheeping twittering

crisp cool calling

calm damp forest

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