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Sunrise Stream by Evelyn Alvarez in response to Five Bough Sunrise by Jason Richardson

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Sunrise Stream is made from oil paint on canvas. It is the same size as a door on a standard household wood burning stove. I laid down the first strokes of paint in the upper left centre of the canvas.

The sun was painted first as it rose over the orange and green landscape, the colours separated by chocolate brown lines which draw rhythmic borders spread evenly throughout. Swirling landscapes interweaving like ideas, numbers and images in a dream.

Primary colours of blue and red. Centre strip of grey and navy blue. Sitting on a bed of old red earth we call Australia. I painted this piece with a technique called ‘Alla prima’ or at once.

The painting was executed quickly and expressively. If you were touch Sunrise Stream, you would feel the smooth grain of the canvas and a hint of matte paint.

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Jason Richardson, Leeton

Fivebough Sunrise

Water arrived here long before humans.

Before Zealandia sank beneath the waves and pushed granite into the hills silhouetted against the lightening sky.

Water pooled here before the Murrumbidgee River settled among the mud washed from the mountains in the east and the oxidised dust blown from the west.

A primordial swamp known to generations of birds, reptiles, fish and animals, since before they became totems for the Wiradjuri.

Birds who know this home before they leave their egg shells in nests half a world away.

They call from among walls of Cumbungi that hide a menagerie.

Reeds that warble as the same bird call arrives from all directions.

Rising as a timeless music punctuated by splashes from an unseen wing or tail.

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